Generation Guimaraes – #S4.2 – Tight Margins

It is mid-season, everything is in full flow and the team are battling away. I’m very much still gunning for the league title, So I’m doing what I can but are the team holding up their end of the bargain? Find out in this very episode. Last time out, I was and still am feelingContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #S4.2 – Tight Margins”

Generation Guimaraes – #4.1 – The Vision is Clear

Here we are, back in sunny Guimaraes, Portugal and back with the team I’m finding myself more attached to. When I took a short break to jump on ‘The American Tale‘ network save for the intro & first season, I had a great time playing it but in the back of my mind all IContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #4.1 – The Vision is Clear”

Generation Guimaraes – #S3.3 – It’s Good, but not Good Enough…

Welcome to the season three finale! It’s a whole bunch of craziness in this one with different things happening in different areas, on and off the pitch. You may remember in the last instalment, a dodgy December lost us a bit of ground in the title race and from there on our form had toContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #S3.3 – It’s Good, but not Good Enough…”

Generation Guimaraes – #S3.2 – Drifting Off The Pace?

Welcome back one and all to the mid-season update of season three. As you may have saw last time out, it was a turbulent summer after Marcus Edwards’ high contract demands with it all ending in a transfer request. However, an unfortunately timed injury means he remains with us until January at least. Not allContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #S3.2 – Drifting Off The Pace?”

Generation Guimaraes – #S2.3 – Natural Progression

It is time one and all, for the season 2 finale for the mighty Vitoria Guimaraes! First of all, my apologies for the delay in getting this post out, I’ve been working on some things in the background but I couldn’t stay away from Portugal for too long. Last time out we found ourselves secondContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #S2.3 – Natural Progression”

Generation Guimaraes – #S2.2 – Fighting On All Fronts

Time for more action in sunny Portugal? I think so as well as it is time to crack on with the competitive season. My ‘Vitori’ side will take hand in four different competitions in the first half of the season as it is the year of the winter World Cup – Qatar 2022. This meansContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #S2.2 – Fighting On All Fronts”

Generation Guimaraes – #S2.1 – Success Amongst Dark Clouds

Welcome back all of you to Generation Guimaraes as it is time to proceed with Season 2. My first season in charge I would gauge at moderate success with a fourth place finish, being domestic cup finalists and a fast track ticket to the Europa League group stage. The Season 1 finale will give youContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #S2.1 – Success Amongst Dark Clouds”

Generation Guimaraes – #S1.2 – What Could’ve Been…

Welcome back to Generation Guimaraes all and in this one, my first season in charge will be completed. It was a very promising start as well as my side were lying in second place come the end of 2021 (details in the last episode) however, sides around us had games in hand so it wasContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #S1.2 – What Could’ve Been…”

Generation Guimaraes – #0 – The Introduction

The moment we have all been waiting for the last few months happens at some point tonight or tomorrow (9th November) when Football Manager 2022 has its full release. This means we all start our new journeys into the unknown and I for one, cannot wait for it! I learnt a lot about my contentContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #0 – The Introduction”