Generation Guimaraes – #7.2 – Champions League Breakthrough

Welcome back one and all to the mid-season update in my final season at Vitoria Guimaraes. Plenty going on with four competitions all being played in, I get some surprising job offers and the B team’s Liga 2 title defence starts rather sour, meaning someone is booted out the door! Last time out of courseContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #7.2 – Champions League Breakthrough”

Generation Guimaraes – #7.1 – The Beginning of the End

The Announcement As the press room filled, one side with journalists and the other with first team players, the manager took his place in front of a set of microphones. The youth squads all watch on from training ground live feeds but no-one knows what to expect. The club Press Officer gives a nod toContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #7.1 – The Beginning of the End”

El Regreso Del Deportivo – S7 E1 – Prepping for Europe next season?

Welcome back, and here we are at season 7 and hopefully this year we can make that push into a European place for season 8. Transfers The main loses were Gori and Mulattieri, we have also moved on Ervin Omic and Filippo Ronnachia from midfield. Lets look at the ins. Roberto Cabrera and Sebastiano EspositoContinue reading “El Regreso Del Deportivo – S7 E1 – Prepping for Europe next season?”

Generation Guimaraes – #6.3 – Domestic Domination

I am back and it is time for the season six finale of Generation Guimaraes. This will be a big episode as my side have their hand in four competitions as I look to win as much as possible, to nail down our position as the dominating team in Portugal…move over Porto. In the lastContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #6.3 – Domestic Domination”

El Regreso Del Deportivo – S6 E3 – Progress?

Welcome back to the final blog of season 6 and have we finally made the progress that we were looking forward? Lets open with some big news coming out of the club! Both strikers have left the club, i struggled to keep them both happy with playtime and some broken promises later i was forcedContinue reading “El Regreso Del Deportivo – S6 E3 – Progress?”

Generation Guimaraes – #6.2 – A New Face in the Fight

Welcome back to you all, we’re here once again for some action in Portugal as our title defence begins. As the title suggests however, a new team that you may not be used to seeing fancies themselves as a title contender. Before we get into all that, last time out it is was pre-season whereContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #6.2 – A New Face in the Fight”

Generation Guimaraes – #6.1 – The Good & The Bad

Hello one and all, I am back and ready to chase some more silverware with Vitoria Guimaraes! I know it has been a little time since the season 5 finale but I needed a little break from the save to refresh and work on some other things in the background…all will be revealed soon enough!Continue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #6.1 – The Good & The Bad”

El Regreso Del Deportivo – S6 E2 – Getting There…I Think.

Welcome back to the mid season blog for season 6, have we made any improvements on last season? Lets find out! Youth Intake Preview Classic golden generation preview, however this time around i am a little more confident that we will actually produce some players, surely we have to with 4 A ratings!! I’m lookingContinue reading “El Regreso Del Deportivo – S6 E2 – Getting There…I Think.”

El Regreso Del Deportivo – S6 E1 – We Have To Step Up This Season!!

Welcome back to season 6 guy!! i don’t think i have done 6 seasons with a club for a while on FM, but I’m still enjoying it with Deportivo and i hope you guys are as well, lets dive into season 6 pre season, I tried to be more precise with my purchases this window,Continue reading “El Regreso Del Deportivo – S6 E1 – We Have To Step Up This Season!!”

El Regreso Del Deportivo – S5 E3 – Have We Made Progress

Welcome back to season 5 and the final entry in it, have we managed to turn our fortunes round and move up the table and what about our cup run? On a quick side note, there will no no youth intake as it was awful and I only signed 2 of the players and IContinue reading “El Regreso Del Deportivo – S5 E3 – Have We Made Progress”