The Tangerine Dream – S1E2 – Zig-Zag Form

Welcome back to the second episode of the new project – The Tangerine Dream. Episode 1 provided all the information you needed to know as to why this save was chosen and a bit of history about Dundee United but now it is time to get into the summer then autumn months and get theContinue reading “The Tangerine Dream – S1E2 – Zig-Zag Form”

The Tangerine Dream – S1E1 – The Challenge

Here we go then, the save that should take me through to FM22…unless I end up getting sacked! More importantly, welcome to ‘The Tangerine Dream’ where I will set out to lead my beloved hometown team Dundee United. It’s a save with a twist though as it will be objective based where each season IContinue reading “The Tangerine Dream – S1E1 – The Challenge”