Udinese Underdogs – Season 3 Review

Welcome back guys to Udinese Underdogs, this will be the final blog of this save before we start with FM22. I know everyone is playing FM22 beta but thank you for stopping buy for some old content. Pre Season As you can see we were very clever with our money this window actually making aContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs – Season 3 Review”

Udinese Underdogs – S2 E4 – Progress?

Hi there folks, welcome back to the final blog of Season 2, we were hoping to improve on last seasons 9th placed finish, we had a rocky start but a tactical tweak saw an upturn in our form, can we carry this on until the end of the season. March Pisa – What a performance!!Continue reading “Udinese Underdogs – S2 E4 – Progress?”

Udinese Underdogs – S2 E3 – Tactical Genius?

Hey people, welcome back to the save and episode 3 of season 2, this will be a bit of a bumper blog as we are covering four months rather than the usual three. Lets dive in shall we? November Sampdoria – Well what an absolute disaster this was, we got hammered here, nothing more toContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs – S2 E3 – Tactical Genius?”

Udinese Underdogs – S2 E2 – The new boys have arrived?

Welcome back to episode 2 of season 2, in this blog we will cover the first three months of the season. We will start to kick on from next season? Lets find out. August Well not the start we were after to be honest. A real struggle against Parma in the Coppa Italia as weContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs – S2 E2 – The new boys have arrived?”

Udinese Underdogs – S2 E1 – Wheeler Dealer

And here we go for season 2! After what i would consider a success last season, the target for this season has to be more of the same with half an eye on the European places. In this blog we will cover all things pre season and transfers. Transfers As you can see i haveContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs – S2 E1 – Wheeler Dealer”

Udinese Underdogs – S1 E5 – End Of The 1st Season

Welcome back guys to episode 5 and the final part of our 1st season in charge of Udinese. And what a season it has been, we had a fantastic start to the season then the wheels were beginning to come off. Are we stuck on the shoulder of the M40 or have we managed toContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs – S1 E5 – End Of The 1st Season”

Udinese Underdogs- S1 E4 – Back Down To Earth

Welcome guys to episode 4 of season 1 with Udinese. In this blog we will cover December, January and February. As i suspected in the last blog, we have come back down to earth a little now. Lets have a look shall we? December This was a rough month indeed, and very disappointing after theContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs- S1 E4 – Back Down To Earth”

Udinese Underdogs – S1 E3 – Am I a Genius?

Welcome back to episode 3 of season 1 with Udinese,. In this blog we will be looking at the first 3 months of the season. I am not gonna lie to you, i am very pleased with things so far. September A great start to the season for us, unbeaten and no goals conceded. TheContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs – S1 E3 – Am I a Genius?”

Udinese Underdogs – S1 E2 – Very quiet maybe too quiet.

Welcome part to part 2 of our save with Udinese, today will probably be quite a short one as we go over pre season. Well this is because nothing happened really lol, was a real struggle to find any players that i felt would benefit us and the squad, but lets dive in. The TacticsContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs – S1 E2 – Very quiet maybe too quiet.”

Udinese Underdogs – S1 E1 – The Italian Job

Well here we go welcome to my first ever blog! and i have chosen to start with Udinese in Serie A…Why Udinese i hear you ask? well i wanted to do a fairly short term save because we are nearing the end of FM21′ s life cycle. But also wanted to manage a team thatContinue reading “Udinese Underdogs – S1 E1 – The Italian Job”