Coffee House Heroes | 2.3 | Heading West

Welcome back to Austria! In the previous post (which you can read here) I took the opportunity to apply for four vacancies after bottling the title with St. Florian. Out of the four available managerial jobs, one offered me an interview, which I attended and then gladly accepted when offered the chance to take theContinue reading “Coffee House Heroes | 2.3 | Heading West”

Coffee House Heroes | 2.2 | Takeovers, Transfers & Trouble In Front of Goal

Hello, welcome back to this journey around Austria! Previously we reached the halfway point in season 2 at St. Florian. Putting faith in the young players was paying off as we were top of the league, over-performing by all accounts. October 2022: October turned out to be a torrid old month for us, it gotContinue reading “Coffee House Heroes | 2.2 | Takeovers, Transfers & Trouble In Front of Goal”

Coffee House Heroes | 1.2/2.1 | Settling in at St. Florian

Firstly, I just want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read the intro to this save, it is greatly appreciated. At the end of the previous post I had just found myself the first job (in January 2022) on this journey, taking over at Union St. Florian in the fourthContinue reading “Coffee House Heroes | 1.2/2.1 | Settling in at St. Florian”

Coffee House Heroes | 1.1

Preface Welcome to my first ever post on DP-FM and this is the first post of my journey through the past, present and future of Austrian football. When we think of incredible football teams, the mind immediately wanders to the likes of Brazil 1970, West Germany of 1974 or more recently Manchester United’s 1999 TrebleContinue reading “Coffee House Heroes | 1.1”