Ongoing FM Challenges

Season 1

Gaucho State The Gaucho State Championship divides my own opinion. On one hand, it’s a great pre season where partnerships on the pitch can form early, morale can be boosted with winning every week and it can all end with a trophy in the cabinet. On the other hand, it’s long winded (11 games spanningContinue reading “Season 1”

Viva Valladolid – Season 1 Review – Relegation Scrap

Welcome back to the season 1 review for the Viva Valladolid series. If you missed the intro which includes vision, plans and all that good stuff, you can see that here. Today, we will be looking at season 1 as a whole and the approach for season 2. League Table: In the first half ofContinue reading “Viva Valladolid – Season 1 Review – Relegation Scrap”

Conquering Croatia – #0 – Welcome to Gorica

FM23 is here, DP-FM is in full flow and it is time to kick off a new save in a country I have never managed in! I’m off to Croatia where there is outside influences and a story behind why I chose HNK Gorica as the club to kick things off. The Reasoning Now usuallyContinue reading “Conquering Croatia – #0 – Welcome to Gorica”

The American Dream

INTRO After success in Europe on FM 22 at multiple clubs, I felt it was time to hop over the ocean and start a South / North American journey. On FM20 I had great success with Gremio, making them the best club in the world, winning title after title and it all culminating in aContinue reading “The American Dream”

Viva Valladolid – Introduction

Welcome to a new blog series from FM Gegen who returns after a long break from the blogging scene. This blog has been on the radar for many months and very excited to get this save progressed! In today’s blog, we will be just looking at the overall view and a insight to how theContinue reading “Viva Valladolid – Introduction”


FM23 is here and I’m back blogging – it’s good to be writing again, FM22 never really got off the ground for me due to a lot of different reasons in home and work life. With that being said, I have a save idea I’m really excited about for this edition of the game andContinue reading “KINGSMEN – INTRO”

Le Méthode de Lemaire – #5 – Believe in Yves

Hello one and all! It’s definitely been a while but I come back a married man to my beautiful wife and this save needs some closure (some would say more importantly). So here we are in the midst on FM23 preparation season. Even I had to catch up on the last instalment but for thoseContinue reading “Le Méthode de Lemaire – #5 – Believe in Yves”

Nobby Returns Home – Club Alianza Lima – FM22

Most of you are gearing up for FM23 and the beta release in just over a month, however I wanted to get in 1 more unique challenge before I bow out of FM22. This will be my toughest but most exciting test yet as I have never managed in South America before, so this willContinue reading “Nobby Returns Home – Club Alianza Lima – FM22”

I Just Want To Call Her, And Talk About Barcelona

After success at international level and being without a club job for a whole season now, I jumped at the opportunity to become Barcelona’s new manager. I didn’t expect to jump to a huge club at all in this career but when Barcelona come knocking, you don’t pretend you’re not home. Having a look atContinue reading “I Just Want To Call Her, And Talk About Barcelona”

Football Manager – Moneyball Guide – Save Ideas

Welcome back to the final extension piece for the Moneyball Guide. In this blog, we will be covering some save ideas which will help those who are unsure on where to apply the Moneball theory. Technically, you can be any team with this theory, there is not a restriction on who you can be withContinue reading “Football Manager – Moneyball Guide – Save Ideas”


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