Le Méthode de Lemaire – #3.2 – At the Double?

Here we go then Ladies and Gentlemen, the final half of the season and it’s all to play for in the league. Yves Lemaire and the team have been working away in the winter break but will it bring back some consistent form or will the inconsistencies continue to cause a slide in the league?Continue reading “Le Méthode de Lemaire – #3.2 – At the Double?”

Le Méthode de Lemaire – #3.1 – Time to Step Up

Welcome one and all, we are back amongst it with Yves Lemaire and GOAL FC after last season’s title win and promotion to the Championnat National in the French third tier. There is a lot to adapt to however, not a lot of time do it, so if it’s to be a good season theContinue reading “Le Méthode de Lemaire – #3.1 – Time to Step Up”

Le Méthode de Lemaire – #2.2 – The Pain of Success

The first half of the season was a fast start which gave Yves Lemaire and his GOAL FC side a seven point lead heading towards the halfway point of the season. With an eighth round exit in the Coupe de France, this allowed the focus to be solely on promotion. If you missed the mid-seasonContinue reading “Le Méthode de Lemaire – #2.2 – The Pain of Success”

Le Méthode de Lemaire – #2.1 – Taking Control

Welcome back to season two of Le Méthode de Lemaire as Yves looks to build on the positive finish to season one. It wasn’t promotion as GOAL FC remain in tier four of French football however, the progression from the first half of the season to the second half was almost second to none. CatchContinue reading “Le Méthode de Lemaire – #2.1 – Taking Control”

Le Méthode de Lemaire – #1.2 – Trust the Process

A tough start to managerial life for Yves Lemaire was all to be seen in the first half of the season. The winter break couldn’t come sooner as Yves knew himself, something had to change or things could get uneasy for him. His ‘5 phase’ philosophy was key to getting the club up the leaguesContinue reading “Le Méthode de Lemaire – #1.2 – Trust the Process”

 Le Méthode de Lemaire – #1.1 – ‘Le-Night-Maire’

It is time for Yves Lemaire to get to work and try to implement his ‘5 phase’ philosophy to develop GOAL FC into a French football force. Yves is aware this isn’t going to be easy, especially the first season in Championnat National 2 (fourth tier) but that doesn’t limit his confidence in his managerialContinue reading ” Le Méthode de Lemaire – #1.1 – ‘Le-Night-Maire’”

Le Méthode de Lemaire – #0 – The ‘5 Phase’ Philosophy

Welcome to ‘Le Méthode de Lemaire’, translation – Lemaire’s method. I’m guessing your next question is, who is Lemaire? Well, it’s Yves Lemaire in fact but there will be more about the man himself later on! For myself as a blogger, it’s safe to say my comfort zone is building up clubs that I canContinue reading “Le Méthode de Lemaire – #0 – The ‘5 Phase’ Philosophy”

Generation Guimaraes – #8.0 – The Save Review

Welcome all to this one off special for Generation Guimaraes! This is not about in play topics but I will review the save as a whole to see what worked, what didn’t and to ultimately reflect on our seven seasons at Vitoria Guimaraes. There will also be a 5 year simulation into the future toContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #8.0 – The Save Review”

Generation Guimaraes – #7.3 – A Fight Until the End

Welcome one and all, to the final in-play episode of Generation Guimaraes. Much like the title states, it will be a fight until the end as I look to leave Vitoria Guimaraes with as much silverware as possible before stepping down as manager. Much like a lot of this project, it is a title fightContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #7.3 – A Fight Until the End”

Generation Guimaraes – #7.2 – Champions League Breakthrough

Welcome back one and all to the mid-season update in my final season at Vitoria Guimaraes. Plenty going on with four competitions all being played in, I get some surprising job offers and the B team’s Liga 2 title defence starts rather sour, meaning someone is booted out the door! Last time out of courseContinue reading “Generation Guimaraes – #7.2 – Champions League Breakthrough”