Jo Jansen – From FM to Touchline – Journeyman – Intro

Jo Jansen, 30 years young is born and raised from the coast of Netherlands (Maastricht). As a young boy, Jan played for various youth amateur teams in the Netherlands and Belgium. The town that Jansen was raised up in is touching distance to Belgium and the family would often travel over to the border toContinue reading “Jo Jansen – From FM to Touchline – Journeyman – Intro”

Viva Valladolid – Season 1 Review – Relegation Scrap

Welcome back to the season 1 review for the Viva Valladolid series. If you missed the intro which includes vision, plans and all that good stuff, you can see that here. Today, we will be looking at season 1 as a whole and the approach for season 2. League Table: In the first half ofContinue reading “Viva Valladolid – Season 1 Review – Relegation Scrap”

Nobby Returns Home – Club Alianza Lima – FM22

Most of you are gearing up for FM23 and the beta release in just over a month, however I wanted to get in 1 more unique challenge before I bow out of FM22. This will be my toughest but most exciting test yet as I have never managed in South America before, so this willContinue reading “Nobby Returns Home – Club Alianza Lima – FM22”

Football Manager – Moneyball Guide – Save Ideas

Welcome back to the final extension piece for the Moneyball Guide. In this blog, we will be covering some save ideas which will help those who are unsure on where to apply the Moneball theory. Technically, you can be any team with this theory, there is not a restriction on who you can be withContinue reading “Football Manager – Moneyball Guide – Save Ideas”

All OR Nothing – KAC Marrakech – Season 1

Welcome to the season 1 blog for “All or Nothing” KAC Marrakech. If you missed the intro blog, then go and check it out HERE. In today’s blog, we will be covering the season as a whole and show you the dramas which I experienced with my first time of managing in Africa. League Rules:Continue reading “All OR Nothing – KAC Marrakech – Season 1”

All OR Nothing – KAC Marrakech – Introduction

Welcome to a new series which is coming from the African continent. For me, this may actually be the hardest save I have ever had to take on, which I will explain in more detail as we go through the blog today.If any of you recall the “Wolfgang” era, well this will be very similarContinue reading “All OR Nothing – KAC Marrakech – Introduction”

Football Manager – Moneyball Guide – Player Recruitment

Welcome back to another extension post on the Moneyball Guide. If you missed the introduction guide, then you can access this HERE. If you missed the Staff Recruitment guide then you can also access this via HERE. In today’s extension post, we will be detailing the simplest ways to recruit players. As mentioned in previous posts, thisContinue reading “Football Manager – Moneyball Guide – Player Recruitment”

Football Manager – Moneyball Guide – Staff Recruitment 

As per the introduction guide, this again will be high level and to the point, so it will hopefully be easy enough to follow. If you missed the intro of the Moneyball Guide, then you call view it HERE. In today’s guide, we will be covering how to recruit backroom staff using the Moneyball theory.Continue reading “Football Manager – Moneyball Guide – Staff Recruitment “

Football Manager – Moneyball Guide 

This will hopefully be a very simple guide as to how the Moneyball theory works in Football Manager. There have been various amounts of content out there relating to Moneyball however, for those who do not have the time to read or watch through hours of videos, this guide is for you. I have seenContinue reading “Football Manager – Moneyball Guide “