Louis Perrin

Born in 1994 and introduced to Football Manager by the other author of this blog (Scott Dora) in 2006. Unfortunately I was born just too late to catch the hugely popular championship manager series, however I have pretty much been an addict since day one of the Football Manager series over 15 years ago. An Arsenal fan in real life, I often find comfort in being able to forget our real world struggles and convince myself I could do a better job as a manager through the game, and with the coaching badges on the way in real life, who knows, I could one day be proven right.

Scott Dora

Born in 1993, ended up playing Football Manager 2006 randomly and it was love at first sight. I’ve gone through phases with the game, skipping the 2010-2014 editions before returning, then not playing 2020…to learn that I can’t let the game go and now we’re back for good. I support Dundee United my hometown team and also a passionate Manchester United fan because no-one down here likes Scottish football! I coach at grassroots level and I am an Academy Scout for a professional EFL club – no I am not in the game…yet. An ambitious player, I’m the type who likes to go a step further and rewrite history along the line!

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