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Louis Perrin

Born in 1994 and introduced to Football Manager by the other author of this blog (Scott Dora) in 2006. Unfortunately I was born just too late to catch the hugely popular championship manager series, however I have pretty much been an addict since day one of the Football Manager series over 15 years ago. An Arsenal fan in real life, I often find comfort in being able to forget our real world struggles and convince myself I could do a better job as a manager through the game, and with the coaching badges on the way in real life, who knows, one day I could be proven right.

Currently on a YouTube adventure, trying some new things so come get involved! https://www.youtube.com/c/PooeyLerrin

Scott Dora

Born in 1993, I ended up playing Football Manager 2006 randomly and it was love at first sight. I’ve gone through phases with the game, skipping the 2010-2014 editions before returning, then not playing 2020…to learn that I can’t let the game go and now we’re back for good. I support Dundee United my hometown team and also a passionate Manchester United fan…it’s okay to support two teams! I’m a former academy scout for an EFL team, a proud multi-trophy winning youth coach and an injury ridden amateur football player…I wouldn’t be the ideal FM player signing that’s for sure!

I will also be diving into the world of streaming so come get involved on my twitch channel dpfmScott – https://www.twitch.tv/dpfmScott

DP-FM’s Guest Bloggers

Emperor FM

Born in 1992, I started playing FM in 2012 and haven’t missed a game since. I started blogging in 2021, I am a massive Arsenal fan and I also help coach a local development team, currently have my Introduction to coaching qualification (FA Level 1).

FM Beth

Hello there, my name is Beth. I’ve been football mad for as long as I can remember; playing, watching, reading, my life revolved around the sport as a kid. In 2005 my obsession with Football Manager started, the only game I have missed since then is FM15, that being because I loved my Lyon team from FM14 so much that I didn’t want to move on! All this led me to start blogging in 2021 after reading and watching so much FM content through the various Covid lockdowns. Away from the virtual football management world, I am currently studying for History degree at university and work as a football coach.


FM Gegen (Dhillon) has been a true FM fan for as long as he can remember. He always loves a underdog challenge and rebuilding sides. He mostly picks saves relating to real life and tries to apply his own philosophy for each team.

FM Gegen on FM22 has started to blog his saves and document the journey on each save. He is most notably known for creating his own DNA series where he has a made character named “Wolfgang” who goes around clubs and rebuilds their “DNA” and bring success. In addition, he is showing his true fascination over tactical analysis by blogging in depth tactics he has custom made and seeing them pay off well.

Finally, he’s favourite manager to date is Marcelo Bielsa who he has even purchased a book based on his methodologies.

Zane Pritchard FM

My name is Zane Pritchard. I am originally from sunny Torquay but I now reside in Chorley, Lancashire. I am a personal trainer and have been for almost a year now and I’m also an artist. I studied Fine Art at Plymouth University and graduated in 2016. The plan was to be a professional artist but as it’s a very tough nut to crack, I needed a plan B. Hence the PT.

One major flaw though is I am a die hard Birmingham City fan. So that may well explain why I put a lot of my time into a virtual, make believe game. A drowning of the sorrows without the alcohol.

My love for FM came way back in the day with Championship Manager 2000 / 2001. As the years went by I dipped in and out of the franchise but since FM 16 I’ve purchased the game every year and like many others ploughed at least 500 hours into developing wonder kids, creating tactics and winning trophies. It wasn’t until FM21 that I started blogging. I started my first blog as I wanted something to remember my save by.

As the games come along every year it’s easy to forget some of the absolute gems you may have had in your team who may have gone unnoticed as he wasn’t the one banging in 30+ goals a season. These blogs were only ever really for me just to look back on and have a bit of fun documenting the save. Now I’ve started sharing and people take their time to read and recommend to others via Twitter it makes me want to improve as a blogger and put out great content for a great, like minded audience.

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