Building Banbury – S1 E1 – Introduction and Pre Season.

Hello, and welcome to my first blog for a while and we are starting a fresh new blog after my recent announcement to stop streaming and concentrating on blogging.

So welcome to Building Banbury, i will be taking control of Banbury Utd, who have been promoted to The National North League for the first time in their history this season. The aim with Banbury is simple, take them to the very top of world football, the end goal is to win the Champions League by the end of FM23.

Why Banbury you say? Well Banbury are the closest team to where i live that our in the game and a team that i have always followed and been part of in the past, so naturally i wanted to try and see what i could do at the helm.

So lets dive into pre season.

Club Vision

Extremely easy and attainable goals with this boards vision. Banbury are an extremely small club so my management of the wages will be extremely important, as to the growing the clubs reputation, i hope this is something we can achieve just naturally over time. Banbury achieved their current promotion with a relatively small squad that consisted of mainly young players, so the board culture of signing players under the age of 23 fits, it also is fits into a standard FM players culture!!! lol.

As for the current seasons goals, the board are obviously confident that the current set of players is very capable of being established in the National North immediately, and with a few additions i feel the same.

The Squad

As you can see, a relatively small squad to work with, so i will be looking to make a few additions, mainly at LB, AMR and AML (I have made a mistake and not taken a screenshot with the star ratings of every squad member)

Some keys names to remember in the squad are CB, Kelvin Langmead, which a few people may recognise the name. MC, Callum Reilly, MC, Josh Smile and MC Giorgio Rasulo. The 3 CM.s are of very high quality and i will be looking to building around them. Another name to remember is GK, Jack Harding, who is a local lad that has been at the club for years now.


Jack Hall (AML) – Free – Jack was signed as a back up option to the AML position and at the age of 16, we also had the future in mind with his signing. His stand out attribute is his technique, which i am hoping, if we handle his development correctly will make a big difference in the lower levels of the game.

Tom Bruce (CB) – Free – Tom was signed as 3rd/4th choice centre back and is really just to fill out depth in the squad, but does have some reasonable attributes for this level.

Seth Meeson (CM) -Free – Seth again was signed as back up option, this was obvisouly so that i dont run our 3 best players into the ground over the course of the season, but looking at Seth, he has the potential to become a important member of the squad.

Owen Hickson (CM) – Free – Owen was signed purely for squad depth, but does possess some excellent mental stats,

Daniel Lowey (LB) – Free – Daniel was signed as back up to 1st choice left back Sam Brown, he may get a decent amount of game time as Brown can also play as a CB.

Will Rickard (AMR) – Free – Will has been signed to be rotated with another incoming for the AMR role, possibly Will could make a case for being first choice over the course of the season.

Matthew O’Neil (AMR) – Free – Matt is the other incoming that will share the AMR spot with Will above, as you can see they are very similar in ability.

That is all incoming signings done before the start of the season, their may be more throughout the year, i am unsure what sorta levels some of these lads will reach or even how long they will be with us.

Pre Season Friendlies

Always nice to see mostly green in the pre season friendlies, however all of these teams are lower than us within the football pyramid, so we shouldn’t get to ahead of ourselves with these, but it means the boys are coming into the season high in confidence!

I can’t wait to get started with the season now!!

I hope you enjoyed this opening blog, all feedback is welcome, and i will be back with another blog at the end of January for a mid season blog

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