Viva Valladolid – Season 1 Review – Relegation Scrap

Welcome back to the season 1 review for the Viva Valladolid series. If you missed the intro which includes vision, plans and all that good stuff, you can see that here. Today, we will be looking at season 1 as a whole and the approach for season 2.

League Table:

In the first half of the season, we were sitting in the top half of the table and flirting with the top 7 spaces but as the season went on, form dipped and then we managed to secure a 15th-place finish. The results will paint a better picture but there were a few factors due to the dip in form and the slide of the table. The main issue was that players become unhappy because I was unwilling to extend contracts and reward them with a new ones. For the first season, it was purely to figure out who would be good enough to stay on and offload any players which were not in season 2. To be honest, almost the whole team was not quite at it, so I was unwilling to extend most of their contracts.


The first part of the season was not too bad, got a draw against Barcelona and just narrowly lost out to Real Madrid. In December, I decided to switch up the tactics, which we will come on to soon but this did not help things at all and the run of losses just got worse! After many tweaks and changes, I realised that it was the player’s morale and unhappiness which put a dent in things and we just had to ride out the 2nd half of the season and pray we didn’t go down!

Team Stats:

The first thing that we can see here is the morale and how poor this is! The main players I made unhappy were the leaders who were just not performing at the level needed and were not willing to extend their contracts such as Mesa & Feddal.

With form dropping, the avg ratings dropped also and no one managed to hit a avg of 7 or above for the season. I’m not too fussed about that, bearing in mind most of the team I would say isn’t good enough to be competitive in the league. There are a lot of ageing players too, so looking to move these players on and have a refresh in season 2.

Tactical Approach:

The first tactic, which is a Brazil 4-3-3 ish style with the left wing-back providing the width on the left side. This is a tactic which we will be looking to develop for next season as it provided some good results and style of play in terms of attacking and creating openings.

Half way through the season, we tried to go with a 3 at the back and go down the Graham Potter style but this proved to be wasteful, so reverted back to the first tactic.

Staff/Player Intake:

As mentioned before, there were no player intakes this season and this will very much happen in season 2. The same was mostly applied to the staff recruitment but I wanted an assistant in who was aligned with the style of play. Pot, the Dutchman has been around the block and does prefer the tiki-taka and passing style of play which is something that I am trying to apply here. In season 2, there will be a full change of staff, as I also like to give staff a chance too.

Board/Supporters Review:

As we realised in the intro, the board was more ambitious regarding where the club finished in season 1. At the end of the season, they gave us a C- rating and were mainly disappointed with the team morale and that we didn’t invest in younger players, even though there was no budget there! However, for now, I am still in a job and allowed to rebuild for season 2. The supporters were generally pleased but just wanted some performances to be better which can be agreed upon. We can see that the social media following dropped over the year, this is something we need to increase but the good news is, we have a waiting list of fans wanted to have a season ticket, so at least we are giving them good football to come and watch!

Youth Intake:

There were some promising players which came through the youth intake for season 1. Most of these touching 5 star potential which is great and can help develop these players and hopefully get them into the first team in the future.

Season 2 Plans:

As we have seen, season 1 was tough and a slog to be honest. Now that this season has ended, I am excited to do a full rebuild and bring down that avg age of the side first of all. Work with players with potential and start having players buy into the style we want to play.

There are positive hopes for season 2 and looking to kick on to finish at least mid-table next season which will please the board.

The scouting team are working hard and the board have given us 3M to spend along with over 100k in wages which is a positive!

Let’s hope we keep R9 happy and deliver on our promise!

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