Viva Valladolid – Introduction

Welcome to a new blog series from FM Gegen who returns after a long break from the blogging scene. This blog has been on the radar for many months and very excited to get this save progressed! In today’s blog, we will be just looking at the overall view and a insight to how the save will be progressed.

Who are Real Valladolid?

Real Valladolid Club de Fútbol, S.A.D or mainly known as Real Valladolid are a club based in the top tier of Spainish football after the team were promoted last year.

They play the home games at Estadio Jose Zorrilla which hosts approx 27,000 fans. The stadium has the same colour theme as the team’s kits!

In term’s of location, Valladolid are based near the capital of the country and is approx a 2 hour drive from Real Madrid, who are also the teams affiliate club!

On 3 September 2018, it was announced that Brazilian former international footballer Ronaldo had become the majority shareholder of the club and is very much wanting success at the club.

Why Valladolid?

Usually when selecting a save, I would spend hours on end trying to find the “perfect” team and have certain players etc. However, for FM23 I had promised myself that I had to change this approach and start working on longer term saves.

Having a chat with FM Beth one evening, she helped send over a shortlist of teams and soon as I found out that R9 was the owner, I was sold. He was a hero of mine growing up and it excited me the fact that he was the owner and from there ideas started to flow. Such as, developing young Brazilian talent and playing attractive football.

Also, in my previous saves, I felt I was not challenged enough, so this save will for sure be a challenge, as the club have just been promoted to a highly competitive La Liga and the funds are not great to start with.

So I had picked a save 3 months before the game even came out and had no prior knowledge of the team! Will I regret this?


The one thing that is good to see is that the club have good facilities and great youth facilities which will help with the development of players. I’m sure Ronaldo will want to improve this over time!

Supporters Hub:

As we can see, the supporters do not have a massive influence on the board but there is a very ambitious owner that we need to impress. We can also see that, the club have a good percentage of core fans, we will need to show them some good football!

First Season Expectations:

In the first season, the fans just want us to remain in the league this season however, the owner is a little more ambitious and wants a mid table finish!

Best players in the squad:

Here we can see a list of a handful of players and ranked based on the current ability. Most of the team are 3 and a half star quality or lower at the minute, this is some cases is not ideal but I am all about beating the odds!

We only have one player who potential wise could become a future star at the club, I will be working closely with Plata to develop him. The club as a whole is quite aged and has many players over 30, this is something that needs to be addressed over time. Looking at the rules of the league, it appears we can only sign 3 non EU players, so need to be careful how we go about brining those Brazilian players over.

First season transfer budget & plans:

In the first season, the club are not given any transfer budget. However, on the plus, the team have a sufficient amount of players per position.

The plan for the first season, will be to work with what we got and then for the 2nd season look to offload the fringe and aged players. Then look to bring in some young talent and start to develop some stars who can be given game time/exposure.

In terms of style of play, I will be looking to play a 4-3-3 system where I will have 2 DM’s and a attacking centre mid. The team on paper will struggle but I would rather play attacking football and lose than have 10 men behind the ball all game and lose anyway.

This is the most interesting but challenging save that I have taken on in some time. On the next blog series, we will be looking at how things progressed in season 1 and what the future holds!

Wish me luck

FM Gegen

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