Nobby Returns Home – Club Alianza Lima – FM22

Most of you are gearing up for FM23 and the beta release in just over a month, however I wanted to get in 1 more unique challenge before I bow out of FM22. This will be my toughest but most exciting test yet as I have never managed in South America before, so this will be fun!

Club Introduction:

Club Alianza Lima are a Peruvian team who have won over 20 league titles however of late have had a decline and other top teams in the league have taken over. They have only won the league one in over 10 years and their main successful period was in the early 90’s and since have won the odd title here and there.

One thing that stuck out to me when looking into the history of the club was that in the year 1987, the club had a air disaster. Despite this tragedy, the Peruvian league had to continue and there were a few games left to play. At this stage, Alianza were top however due to the tragic disaster, the team had to send out a youth team as well as a few players from Colo-Colo in Chile who offered their support to come on loan on a free wage basis. Unfortunately, Alianza lost out on the league title to their biggest rivals Universitario. It would be another 11 years before Alianza reclaimed the Peruvian league title.

Stadium & Club Location:

The stadium holds a capacity of 35,000 people and is based on the coast of the country. When looking at where Peru is based exactly, it looks like it is just tucked away to the side compared to some of the other countries we can see such as Brazil. This was another reason for the challenge, as the country is currently ranked 6 highest out of the other South American countries and it is about time, we put Peru on the map!

The Coach:

I will go into the fine details of the save shortly but before we do that, we want to confirm the new coach, a name known to most people… Nolberto Solano!

I wanted Nobby to be the coach of the team, not just because he is a Peruvian but he actually started out his career at the club as a youngster before moving on. He will come back to his roots and give the club the boost it needs! Most people will know Nobby from his time at England at clubs such as Aston Villa, Newcastle and West Ham. Further down, you will see why Nobby was elected for the role!

The Plan:

Of course, the aim here is to be the best team in Peru however, it does not stop there. I would like this to be just the start of big things to come, the following is the idea of this project:

  • Phase 1 – Become Peruvian title Winners
  • Phase 2 – Challenge for the Copa Sudamericana 
  • Phase 3 – Challenge for the Copa Libertadores
  • Phase 4 – Move up the ranking of Peru’s league ranking & country rank overall

This is no easy challenge especially when there will be a extra rule in place. The rule for the club will be only to sign players of nationality! The idea is to put Peru on the map, so the club will focus its recruitment and development around the players of the same nationality.

Club Vision:

The club vision initially is not the worst, it gives the team a season to get things in the right place before mounting a tittle challenge. With £431k in the bank, this will need to be spent wisely. Another fun fact, the club have an affiliation link with PSV & Colo-Colo which is great, however will be hard to use them for loans unless they have any Peruvians hiding.

Club Information:

The club have some decent facilities to work with and an encouraging sign to see the high level of youth recruitment here!

Guess Who:

We have Farfan! The Peruvian has come home to help his club go back to the top. At 36, he will not be as lighting as he once was but still a top player!

We also have the ex Real Madrid academy product Benavente, who was once rated very highly however, things did not go to plan and he even had a spell at MK Dons breifly along the way.

There we go! The last FM22 save… Will come back with updates and how the first season progressed..

The Peruvian’s main language is Spanish so with that said… adiós

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