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Welcome back to the final extension piece for the Moneyball Guide. In this blog, we will be covering some save ideas which will help those who are unsure on where to apply the Moneball theory.

Technically, you can be any team with this theory, there is not a restriction on who you can be with this mode. However, there are a few things which are worth a note:

  • Top Clubs – Yes technically you can use this method however, the top clubs will mainly go for high profile signings, hence why this is usually suited for less reputable clubs
  • Too lower down – If you are a team at the bottom of the pyramid then consider adding an extension to the leagues so you have access to players lower down your current league. For example, for my South Shields save, I was initially in the 7th tier but had the 9th tier loaded up. The idea is, you ideally want to buy quality for cheap and then look to profit longer term
  • You do not always need to sign players on a transfer fee, you can even pick free agents if the scouts suggests the player has a bright future or look at expired youngsters from higher leagues near the end of each season
  • The save ideas and info is based on the latest version of the game on Football Manager 2022
  • You can find extension leagues via the Passion 4FM site HERE or from FM Scout

Save Ideas:

As mentioned, there are so many ideas that could be given however, I have made a shortlist of a handful of clubs around the world which would be a good idea to apply the moneyball theory at. I have picked these clubs mainly based on their actual club vision which for example states “Sign players to develop for profit” or Sign a certain type of nationality. – Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers have stabilised themselves in League 2 of English football over the past few seasons after promotion to the EFL in the 17/18 season. A team that currently has some young talented players which will for sure grow in value and can be sold for a good fee possibility.

Here are some key points:

  • Club Culture Main Point – Sign players from lower levels
  • Transfer Budget – 100k & 1k Wage Budget
  • Corporate Facilities – Adequate
  • Training Facilities – Average
  • Youth Facilities – Basic

Why Forest Green Rovers:

They currently sit in League 2 and if we think about how Brentford started out their way up to the Premier League, well a similar pattern can be potentially applied here. They have a healthy budget and seems a club that is ambitious, so this could be a great long term project right here.


Vaduz are sitting in the 2nd tier of Swizz football. A team who is actually based in Liechtenstein but play their football in Switzerland. They dropped back down to the 2nd tier after playing in the 1st tier the prior season and have mainly yo-yo’d over the last 10 years or so. Again, another club that has some good players that can grow for the future and have ambitions to go back up to the big time.

Here are some key points:

  • Club Culture Main Point – Sign Liechtensteiner Players/Work towards becoming the most reputable team in Switzerland
  • Transfer Budget – 79.4k & 2.3k Wage Budget
  • Corporate Facilities – Adequate
  • Training Facilities – Average
  • Youth Facilities – Adequate

Why Vaduz:

This for me is a harder challenge that the average because of many reasons. Firstly, you will need to load the Liechtenstein league and then look to recruit mainly from there initially which is a challenge on its own. The team want to become the most reputable club in another country where there are already some giants such as Basel & Zurich. Finally, to add to the fun, the team are actually in the Euro Conference which is rather unique for at team who are not in the top div. An exciting save for anyone who wants a challenge!

F.C Andorra

F.C Andorra similar to Vaduz, are playing their football in another country too. F.C Andorra who are currently in the hands of some very ambitious owners play their football in the 3rd tier of Spanish football, although being based in Andorra. They have made a rather rapid rise from the lower league thanks to some investment from the famous owners and want to continue the rise. The squad is rather balanced however, in the coming years can do with some improvements if they are to climb up the leagues again.

Here are some key points:

  • Club Culture Main Point – Play entertaining football
  • Transfer Budget – 53.4k & -1.1k Wage Budget
  • Corporate Facilities – Good
  • Training Facilities – Good
  • Youth Facilities – Good

Why F.C Andorra:

This is very much a similar task to Vaduz which we previously covered however, the board are not expecting you to sign players of the same nationality of the club etc. This is a club that has ambitions set by the owners to get to the top and there is scope here to develop something good and use Moneyball to climb further up the leagues. Initially the expectations are less and a mid table finish in the first season is what is asked, so this is more of a less intense approach than Vaduz but still not simple. You can make it harder by loading up the Andorra league and singing players of nationality!

Dundee United

This time we move to Scotland! As most people will be aware, in Scotland it is the likes of Celtic or Rangers who have recently dominated the league and no one is able to get close to the 2 giants. Dundee have started to gradually rise again following a drop to the first division and now look to kick on in the Premiership division. The club have been known to develop some good youngsters and they have a few in the team who can grow too.

Here are some key points:

  • Club Culture Main Point – Sign young players to develop for profit/Become recognised to be the best of the rest
  • Transfer Budget – 100k & -2k Wage Budget
  • Corporate Facilities – Average
  • Training Facilities – Great
  • Youth Facilities – Average

Why Dundee:

Dundee is one that you can not feel as though you have to win the league right away and have time to build a team of your own but at the same time, ensure you establish yourself in the league. They do have some good young talent and most recently sold Kerr Smith to Aston Villa and Harry Souttar to Stoke, so teams in England do pay attention to their talent. This is a nice save to have and start to find cheap talent from the lesser countries and develop those players and start to eventually push for European football.


Now we move to Portugal, where this time we take a look at 2nd tier team Feirense. They have had a slow decline over the past few seasons after dropping into the 2nd tier and currently find themselves in a competitive league. The team are blessed with some good young talent who have the potential to grow which is a positive. One note, the owner is Nigerian so the club do prefer to bring & develop players from Nigeria.

Here are some key points:

  • Club Culture Main Point – Sign young players to develop for profit/Sign Nigerian players
  • Transfer Budget – 128k & -1.7k Wage Budget
  • Corporate Facilities – Basic
  • Training Facilities – Excellent
  • Youth Facilities – Great

Why Feirense:

For the first season, the board are just wanting a top half finish which gives you a season to get things into place before looking to push for play offs the following season. The key point here is signing Nigerian players which would be very interesting as the board have a particular way of recruiting and you could use the moneyball theory to capture the profile required. This could turn into an interesting save as it will be great to see how people go about recruiting and even loading up the Nigerian league too.

Peterborough United

Finally, we make our way back to England. Peterborough have struggled when it comes to playing in the EFL Championship and then storm League 1, so have been stuck for some seasons progression wise. Peterborough have been known to be a selling club for many years and have hugely profited especially with the sell on of Toney to Brentford who they only signed for 350k and then sold on for 8.5M a few seasons later. A team that has talent again and although may struggle for the current level, they always seem to produce talent which later is snapped up by the bigger clubs.

Here are some key points:

  • Club Culture Main Point – Sign young players to develop for profit/Sign from lower levels
  • Transfer Budget – 1.5M & -6k Wage Budget
  • Corporate Facilities – Average
  • Training Facilities – Adequate
  • Youth Facilities – Average

Why Peterborough :

This is one for me that i have always considered to do but just never ended up progressing. If we are talking about flipping players for cash and ending up with a healthy budget then this is the team. As mentioned, the team have a history of doing this already and identifying talent from the lower leagues. There is no pressure initially as the board just ask you to try and stay up for the season, so you have time to rebuild and the budget is quite generous so you can use this wisely. The board most likely wont mind you dropping down and rebuilding before coming back up and establishing yourself which makes the save less stressful and can play with freedom. The team already have more players with quality and for the future, so will be no surprise if clubs come knocking yet again.

Other clubs to consider (not listed in any particular order):

  • Southampton – Easier Save For Beginners
  • Madeira – Signing Brazilian players
  • Volendam – Buy players based on total football style
  • Turkgucu Munchen – Sign Turkish players
  • Burton Albion – Take advantage of the state of the art facilities on offer
  • Liege – Climb up the Belgian footballing ladder and compete with the top teams

That wraps up the final extension piece of the moneyball guides. As mentioned, this was a tricky one as technical you can do this with any team but picked some exciting teams where you can have a longer term save with them and plan ahead.

If you have any questions or need advice then feel free to ping me on Twitter (FM Gegen) and let me know which team you start with!

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