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As per the introduction guide, this again will be high level and to the point, so it will hopefully be easy enough to follow. If you missed the intro of the Moneyball Guide, then you call view it HERE.

In today’s guide, we will be covering how to recruit backroom staff using the Moneyball theory. As we would see with the players, where there are no attributes displayed, this is the same case with the staff. Don’t worry, we got you covered on this, so take it easy and we will show you how to recruit without seeing attributes with ease.

Filter Required:

First of all, you will need the below filter to be added, which you need to download at the link below:

Download: HERE

To add this filter, please follow the below:

  • Staff
  • Staff search
  • Select the filter, it will be named something else at present
  • Custom
  • Import view
  • Final step – Find the downloaded filter and select this and then you will have the Filter you need

The filter will look something like the below when applied:

Finding The Ideal Coach:

First, we will share an example of how to find a coach which will then be a template for all staff searches, as the search is near enough the same once you understand how to find a coach for your club.

Of course, depending on which team you manage, this search will be more flexible if your a bigger team and less if your a team lower down the leagues. As per below, here is an example from my ADO Den Haag save, where I am trying to find myself a coach to help the team.

The first 2 highlighted searches are fairly standard “staff role” & “employed”. I selected “no” on employed as I do not have the funds to pay for a coach and I selected coach firstly, as I need a first team coach before looking into other coaches such as fitness, goalkeeping but as I said before, the principal of the search is the same as I will come onto.

Firstly, what will narrow down the search to help find the best coach is by selecting the tactical style for your team. In my example, with ADO Den Haag, I am looking to play Total Football, so the best possible option in this case is “tiki-taka”. Just by searching this, this will bring up coaches who are familiar with coaching this style of play, the same will be if I wanted to play route one etc. Finally, I could pick all sorts of options but to simplify this, I want a coach that has at least done his coaching qualifications at a good level. Initially, you can select the top tier which is “continental pro license” and the work your way down.

You will find that even if the search with continental pro license brings back some results, not all of these may want to join, such as for wage reasons etc. As we can see, for this specific example, I have dropped it to “C license” which gives me a bigger pool to review.

From there, once I search, I will be able to start looking at coaches and seeing their coaching background, such as if they previously coached at a good level etc. At this point, you can start to offer a contract to the coach you like the look of however, you can take this one step further if you wish.

So, for my ADO save, I went for Ji-Sung Park as my coach. The main reason was because of the low wages I was provided with to bolster my backroom staff but as per below, although he never coached before, is matches the style of play I want our team to play such as Tiki-taka, passing, attacking & pressing more often. Ji-Sung, was the only player who was able to tick all the boxes for me, therefore went for him and was able to lure him on a much lower wage which meant I could have him at the club.

The above should now give you a high level overview on how to find staff for other departments. The key take always for staff recruitment is:

  • Ensure they are at least qualified at a good level, you can even attract highly qualitied coaches at lower leagues
  • Ensure that their style matches your clubs way of playing

If you are not 100% sure on staff recruitment as of yet, then I will expand this a little further which should help answer any questions or concerns so far.

Below, is an example of me looking to recruit an assistant manager for the club. Once I used the above search rules, I was given the below as my potential options. This view helps you see high level, the type of assistant that is listed here. Key factors to bear in mind:

  • Personality – This would be down to your personal preference but for me, I would want someone who is loyal or determined
  • Pref Formation – This does help, as ideally you would want your assistant on the same page as you tactically
  • WR – World Reputation is one that can help if you want someone who is more known than the others. As we can see on the example below, I have sorted the list by WR. This will show me, the most well known assistant first and from here, I can go down the list and see who ticks the boxes I need.

Again, you may not be able to sign up the first person you see but if you select the tactical style as your base, in my case “tiki taka” then, this will help you at least bring in someone who is aware of the same style of play as you want to implement at the club.

How Do I Know Which Coach Is Good At Which Coaching Role:

This section is for those who prefer to handle the coaching assignments themselves. You can let your assistant pick the roles automatically to help you out if required.

From the searching part of the process, you will already have a good idea of where your coach should sit on the above assignment table. However, you can see by Park’s image that there is a best training category section, which shows you where he would be best placed to coach the team. This would be of course different on a goalkeeping coach and fitness etc. So, for this example, we can put Park down as coaching the possession side of training as this is where he is best skilled.

That is pretty much a high level guide on how to recruit staff for your save, I hope this was detailed enough and easy to understand.

The next guide will be my personal favourite which is the player recruitment write up. If you have any questions on this guide at all, please feel free to DM me on my Twitter HERE.

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