Local Hero – S2 E2 – Same Again?

Welcome back to Local Hero, where i have taken charge of a team local to where i live which in real life play at step 11 of the English football pyramid, we are now on season 2 of the save and are at the half way point of our journey in Hellenic Division 1.


As ever at this level, transfers happen all year round, and we have been a victim of our own success as some key players for us have been poached, such as Harry Burns and James Unwin.

I have been trying to tie players down on part time contracts but some preferred the non contracts, for this reason I’m guessing. I have managed to replace all that have left, but I am worried the quality isn’t as good.


Quick check in on the finances, still dont make for good reading, but we are making progress as a club with this, with a healthy 2k profit so far this season.

Bluefin Sports Challenge Cup

Into the quarters of the Bluefin!! This is a competition with just teams from our division as far as i can tell. The board want us to reach the final of the Bluefin, and Littleton are low down on the league so i fancy us for the semi’s and this is all extra money for the club.

Buildbase FA Vase

So far the 4th round of the Vase, which i am thrilled with, and this round is what the board wanted from us as well.

So far we have beaten mostly teams in higher divisions than us, and I’m not expecting us to be able to keep this form going, however I fancy us to go a bit deeper in this, and its all extra money lol.

Hellenic Division 1

We have just picked rihgt back up from last season, carried on being dominate, we had a couple of wobble and a big wobble against Cheltenham Saracens, i was very frustrated with the game and result. Lets have a look at my 2 highlight games from the first half of the season.

Cheltenham Saracens Vs Cropredy

First up is the loss to Saracens, where we purely based on xG, than we should have won, but in all honesty Saracens were better than us and took a 2 goal lead. Fixter getting sent off late didnt help as we was pushing for an equaliser and he was gone after a break, and that pretty much confirmed our defeat.

Cropredy Vs Cheltenham Saracens

Sweet Sweet Revenge!! I had to show you the beating we inflicted on Saracens, and absolute domination, Ayunga grabbing himself a hat trick! Clinical from the boys.

Now that we have covered off all of that, lets check the league table.

No surpises here then, we are starting to runaway with this league again, only losing one game so far and having a far superior goal difference to the rest of the league.

We would have to have a pretty spectacular collapse to throw this away now.

So that is the end of the second blog of our second season of Local Hero and its much more of the same again. Thanks for stopping by, i appreciate it very much and don’t forget to check all the other great blogs on DPFM.

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