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As per my tweet, I am finally happy to announce my first ever Twitch stream save! It will be with South Shields, who currently sit in the 7th tier of English football.

Why South Shields:

Credit: South Shields FC Homepage

Since FM22 was released, most of my saves have been successful most recently with Watford, where I won the Europa League in just season 3! I am by no means saying I am amazing at FM or that the game is too easy however, I know you can make the game harder for yourself if wanted. This isn’t by just picking a team with points deducted or a team with no budget but you can take it even further!

I have seen the “Moneyball” save been knocking around for some time and it has always really interested me but just never took the leap. Recently, I have been doing a lot of studying on stats & data. I very recently started to do write up’s based stats & data which really excites me. Now, that I feel I have the required understanding of how the Moneyball principal works and how to implement this in FM, I thought now is the time!

Why not make it harder on myself, I thought? Not only will I pick a non league side, but I will also stream this. Therefore, I will be live on air making decisions purely with stats & data as well as having no attributes to make things even more complicated! This is a huge gamble on my part as the save could either be a huge success or could collapse right in my face as South Shields is an ambitious club that wants to climb up the ranks!

Within the save, I will be looking to replicate mostly how Brentford have embedded the moneyball principal and long term apply this model within my save. In the short term, the blueprint will be mainly used around player recruitment and team analysis. If I manage to get the team into the football league, at that point I can start to apply further parts of Brentford’s model such as the B team and looking overseas! If you want a quick overview of how Brentford have applied the moneyball system, check out this Youtube clip: Here

High Level History – South Shields:

Credit: Google Maps

South Shields is a club that is based in the north of England and not very far from Scotland. The side is situated around some big clubs in the area such as Newcastle United, Sunderland & not so far from Leeds.

The club has been around for a very long time and has been in the football league. The club has even beaten the likes of Man Utd & Chelsea. However, the club had to start from scratch which meant South Shields had fallen out of the footballing league pyramid and start again. Most recently around 6 years ago, Geoff Thompson a local businessman brought the club and has guided the team up the footballing ladder once again, currently in the 7th tier. The club is labelled as a sleeping giant to the locals and who have huge ambitions to get back into the football league.

The chairman needed support to keep up with the running of the club and a famous face “Jade Thirlwall” became one of the many shareholders of the club. The locals in the area are doing their utmost to support the club in making a push and being amongst the bigger local teams!

Team Style Of Play:

(Photo by Steve Christo – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

To be honest, I had a few ideas on a system to apply to the club such as “total football” however, I wanted to go with a system that I have studied well and have a deep understanding of it. So, this save will have a Bielsa inspired style of play and work ethic. In the lower leagues, of course it is more difficult to apply a certain style of play but the long term plan is to have the team play with high intensity, high press, relentless work style which will excite the fans.

In terms of recruitment, i will have to find players that suit the style of play and using data to find them which will be no easy task. I will also need to ensure everything behind the scenes is on point such as training and staff that are at the club.

When Will This Be Live:

All things going to plan, I will be looking to start streaming later today 31/05. My schedule will mostly be between 5-7pm weekdays and may pop up in the day time in weekends. I feel this way, this can cater for people that are at work and have a chance to tune in once done. I will be saving the streams, so if missed these can be looked at again!

If you have not already, please follow FMGEGEN on Twitch so you can get notifications for when I am online!

I will post regular save updates via the Twitter feed which I will make for the save and then do a more in depth piece for each season to look at statistics and data, so I can share how I am using this to my advantage in terms of being successful with South Shields.

I am excited to get started, a little nervous to be honest. I really appreciate the support so far, It means a lot!

Finally, a special thanks to Scott (DP-FM) & FM Beth who have helped me behind the scenes get this save finally on the go!

Thank you,


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