Local Hero – S1 E2 – Easy! Easy! Easy!

Welcome back to episode 2 of my Local Hero blog, where we have taken over a club that is just down the road from where i live. In this blog we are going to check in on our progress at the mid way point of the season.

Youth Intake Preview

Not sure how you can rate this as excellent intake, but i suppose we our limited coaching team we have no idea lol, also i have never had to deal with a youth intake at the level either.

Oxford Senior League Premier Division

Well what a start to the season this has been!! we have absolutely smashed it!! Other than our very frustrating blip against Southam and Yarnton we have been dominant and by far the best team in the league!

The standout players in the first half of the season have been Solomon Ayunga, who has been scoring for fun after Solomon Nick Lynch has popped up with some goals, most of them being screamers as well! With the nature of this level, i would not be surprised we lose a lot of these before end of season.

Lets take a closer look at two games from the first half of the season, One good and one bad.

Summerton Stars Vs Cropredy

First game up is my favourite game from first half, and that is obviously the game we scored 8 goals in, Dominat performance, we probabley let them have too many chances at same time but when both strikers getting 5 games between them, i think we can get away with letting them have XG of 1.50, This was the game when i knew that we were to good for this league.

Cropredy Vs Yarnton

If you was too look up being FM’ed, I’m fairly confident this game would be an example. Honestly I still don’t know how we lost. Their keeper having 7.9 certainly helps, but just looking at our ratings and XG and this is game we should have won easily, it also ruins our unbeaten run.

League Table

This table probably doesnt come as a suprise but we are running away with this league at the half way point, and unless we lose all of our players i cant see our form slowing down anytime soon, we bounced back from loss with back to back wins.

Lets it for this blog today, thank you very much for stopping by and i hopefully i see you for next blog which will be last one for this season.

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