Local Hero – S1 E1 – Start Of A New Era

Welcome everyone to my second blog of FM22, this save may not be to everyone taste but we are starting all the way down on step 11 in England with a team that is local to where i live. Lets take a small look at the club we are taking over.

The Club

We are taking over a small village side called Cropredy, they currently play in the Oxford Senior League Premier Division. As far as i can tell, Crop have won 3 trophies in their history, The Lord Jersey cup in 2003 (Which is apparantly the oldest cup in the UK), the coronation cup in 2006 and the Ben Turner cup in 2008. There highest ever finish is 4th in the league they currently play in.

The aims of this save are for us to reach The Vanarama North or South league, if we manage this fairly quickly we may look to extend that objective to league football, I will then look to simulate 5 and 10 years into the future. For this save i have also started with no badges and past playing experience as sunday league (This is my actual credentials)

These are our kits, very kindly made by Wighty over on the DPFM discord and they are lush!! The image on the green away kit is the picture of a famous battle that took place on Cropredy Bridge.


I choose not fill the club with players of my own choosing, which some of you may know from playing at this level before, means trials trial trials!!! i must have spent easily 2 hours plus offering trials to players.

The list above is everyone that has agreed to join the club, on amateur contracts obviously, so we will not spend much time concentrating on the players as i reckon come the end of the season we will have a few different players, as is the nature of amateur contracts.

Pre Season Results

Very diffuclt to judge whether this is a good pre season or not, the only 2 memebers of staff we have are myself and my assistant so every player is rated 5 star, but i was happy with the football played in these games, even in our losses! So the real judgement of the players will be in the next blog when we have some league games under our belt.

And that is it for the time being folks, just a quick introduction to the save and cover pre season. Next time we will check in at the end of Decemeber.

Thank you so much for stopping by, i hope you enjoyed and all feedback is welcome, please reach out to me if you think i can make any improvements.

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