El Regreso Del Deportivo – S7 E2 – Struggle City

Welcome back to season 7 mid season blog, with this blog i have decided to give you an update at the end of December rather than January as we have no budget at all so will not be active in the window, i am also not excepting any outs either.

Copa Del Rey

Obviously only 1 round into the cup this season, but a routine win against 2nd division opponents with a rotated side, hopefully another easy tie next time, I am hoping to go far again in the cup this season.

La Liga

Well well, what an horrific season we are having this year, i mean its truly awful!! It has to be the worse first half of a season ive had here, for me there is no positive results to pull out from the fixtures, the run of 5 games lost in a row did spur me into a new tactic which we will cover a little bit further on. But lets look at the where we are in the table.

No surprises her really, we are in the bottom half of the table and beginning to lose touch with the top half, which is where we want to be, there is a decent gap to the bottom 3 but as you all know that can change. Lets take a brief look at the new tactic.

At the moment i am still developing the instructions but the change of shape was from 2 things really, firstly i tried this shape in the DPFM cup against FMBeth (Check out her blog on DPFM) and i liked what i saw, it also stems from the real lack of goals and productivity from the strikers we have struggled with over the past few seasons, so a change to 2 up top will hopefully help with that, and the 4 in midfield will hopefully give us more control.

To start with i will use these against teams that we should be beating and tweak it as we go.

Youth Player Promotion

Xurxo Flores has pleasantly surprised me this season, now he has had plenty of time off the bench and not many starts, but 2 goals from 8 appearances across all competitions isn’t too bad in my eyes, he is proving to be solid cover and will be needed more if the new tactic shows that it could be useful.

Big News

So i have decided that this will be the last season of El Regreso Del Deportivo. I am really struggling to take the club beyond where we are now, and this is leading to a lack of motivation for the save.

I also want to try something else this game cycle as well, i am not sure what yet but i didnt want this to be my only blog this game. I will also be having a stream only save hopefully starting this Friday ( 22nd April)

Thank you very for stopping by today and i hope you enjoyed, hopefully we can improve them results in the 2nd half of the season. Don’t forget to check out all the other bloggers on DPFM. There is a blog for everyone’s tastes.

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