DNA Series Rebuild – Watford FC – Season 1- Half way review

Welcome back to the Watford DNA Rebuild Series, where Wolfgang comes to England to showcase his talent. Last time, we went over the introduction of the save & the 5 year project which Wolfie wishes to install here (unless he gets the boot!) and so much more.

Today, we will be having a overview of how Wolfie has settled in at Watford, as the team approach January which is pretty much mid way through the season. First question I guess is, has he kept his job? Well, lets go and find out!

Pre Season:

It was a tricky pre-season to be honest for Wolfie. He was not concerned too much over the results but this was the time to bed in his style of play and how he wanted his players to operate. As mentioned in the intro, Wolfie trimmed the side however, did not bring any new faces in. Similar to his mentor Bielsa, he wanted to give the players at the club an opportunity and improve them himself, rather than finding a quick fix.

Style Of Play Ahead Of The Season:

Defensive Style – When playing against top opposition or tricky away games:

Attacking style – for all other games or when trying to chase a game:

Bielsa was not hiding much away from Wolfgang as he helped him prep for the season ahead in a intense Premier League. Wolfie took on some of the ideas and suggestions proposed but wanted to add in his own style too which he felt was apart of his principals. Wolfie did not want to set up his team too defensively and has shown he is not afraid to take any team on with the style of play set out. This type of system heavily relies on the individuals to work as a team as well as having a vast amount of self motivation. Let’s see if the hard work in pre-season had paid off in the season:

Results Thus Far:

League Table Thus Far:

Well, first of all, I am sure many of you are surprised with the squad Wolfie had the team are not sitting in the bottom 3! Some amazing results picked up & a decent cup run as well to go with it. In most of the games won, the team were very difficult to deal with & worked tirelessly to out work the opposition. The run of fixtures have not been the nicest to Wolfie’s team, particularly the ones at the back end of December, where there has been a few defeats back to back. Wolfgang will be working with the team to ensure the heads do not drop and to keep being the surprise package in the league so far. The board are very happy with the performances however, Wolfie is still very humble and understands that things can change very quick in football, so the intensity will not be dropping. This type of impact is similar to how Bielsa introduced himself to the Premier League with Leeds.

Here are some interesting stats worth a share, which shows how much of an impact Wolfie’s style has had on the team:

These 2 attacking stats tell some story! It shows that Wolfie’s team are not afraid to attack and always have a goal in them which does help for sure if the team want to progress!

Other stand out stat details to note are:

  • Sissoko, playing as a RGA is stringing along a lot of key passes from deep & is 3rd in the charts for passes attempted in the league. These passes are all going forward, which gives the side more chance to create chances
  • Most of the team, baring the centre halves and keeper are putting in a real shift on the pitch, most covering over 14km per game, which is up there with any other team
  • In training, initially some players were unable to deal with the high intensity however, as the year closes, most of the squad are coming in over 8 rating wise for training which we can see is paying off well on the field

Wolfie, is still dealing with having a squad with many different levels of personalities, cultures etc. Which is not making the team cohesion rating any better however, it seems the players have done well together which has helped with not adding any new players to the mix. Wolfie will be for now looking at young talent and will look to sort out the main squad in the summer once he has fully assessed his side.

In terms of other transfer news, Ben Foster decided to move out to UAE before he hangs up his boots. His contract was up at the end of the season but a leader in the dressing room has left the team behind. In other news, Etebo on loan from Stoke City has activated a permanemt transfer after 20 appearences, which will be a fee of 1.5M. This is a bargin as Etebo has actually been one of Wolfie’s best players and training in the Right back position where he has done very well!

This wraps up the half way point update. Wolfie has still a lot more work to do and working with his scouting department to find suitable players for the future.

Thank you very much for reading this today, I am very pleased with how things are going and have not felt as passionate over a save for some time! This is a very exciting project, which at the start seemed the impossible.

Please do leave your comments in the twitter post by DP FM and let us know your thoughts! I will be tagging Watford in, so lets see if we can get their attention!

Thank you!

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