DNA Series – FC St. Pauli – End Of Season 1 Update

Welcome & thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the latest update from Germany, where Wolfgang has finished his first season at St Pauli. We will be stat-heavy today and digging into a lot of exciting analysis, trust me it’s not to be skipped!


League Table:


We did it! I must say, it was one tough season, to be honest. The intensity we play at obviously gets results along with the extra hard work on the training pitch, but we really suffered from injuries and suspensions. We had a fairly trim squad as it was and the quality wasn’t promotion worthy if I was to be really honest. However, Wolf made no excuses and managed to push every yard out of his men and secure promotion along with the rivals Hamburg! 

January Transfer Window:

Usually, Wolfgang is not much of a fan of the midpoint window, as he likes to have his squad set before the season begins. On this occasion, Wolf was left with no choice but to bring in a couple of heads, before it got to a point where the team could not field a first 11!

A few players went out on loan to gain experience, but here are the incoming transfers.

Firstly, Mahoney was a great pick-up. We have some tall forwards in the side & with this guy’s crossing ability, this is a perfect combo! Wolf was keeping tabs on him during the season and made his move. Then, we have Smith! He fits the DNA profile in many ways but his age is unfortunately one that doesn’t. A big giant of a forward who can cause opposition defenders serious problems in the air. Smith was brought on a free until the end of the season, so cannot complain too much!

The Team:

As we can see, there were several good performances by individuals. There is a clear view of which players fitted well into the system and those who struggled, therefore were unable to make an impact. This was even tougher to manage during the injuries, suspensions, etc but somehow the team dug deep to get results. 

Wolf has a lot of work to do with his scouting department for next season and quite a few players (nearly all) who were not such great performers are leaving at the end of the season due to their contracts expiring. Which is a good thing in one sense, as Wolf can bring in his own players and keep the ones who performed well for him. 

Training & Development:

The players overall responded well to the DNA intense training schedule over the season. As we can see, there was a good rating for most of the team and some players really pushing themselves to the limit! The players were also set to work on extra traits which improved them even more over the season. 

Also, in addition, the team dynamics is a good standout! With all the intensity and tough battles, the team stuck together and brought into Wolf’s DNA system. A few players who are near the end of their contracts are looking for extensions due to the promotion, however, these players will most likely be let go. 

Stats/Detailed Analysis:

This is the section that I am most excited to share. Here, we will have an insight into the impact Wolfgang’s style of play has made on the team as well as the league. 

Attacking Stats:

As we can see, the system is really dominating attacking-wise. Wolf’s style of play is very quick and intense! The aim is to win the ball back and go for goal as quickly as possible. We can see that some of the numbers are much superior to the team in 2nd place on the stats, which is amazing. This was done with an average squad ability-wise for the league, so once Wolf gets his hands on some talent, this surely will be a better reading, despite jumping up into a very tough league. 

Defensive Stats:

The defensive stats are somewhat of an interesting read. The main points to take away are the headers won rate (which also counts in attack) along with the tackles won. On the other hand, something to take into next season is the way we tackle. At times, the team does go in carelessly which has cost us a lot during the reason. We may be a side that the opposition fear, as they know we wont be scared to get stuck in however, work will be done on the training ground to work on the success rate of these. 

General Stats:

Again, it is the attacking stats that seem to be catching the eye. However, we can see possession data-wise, we do well winning the ball back more than the average team which is how we want it. Overall, pleasing stats but some things to work on for next season, as the opposition will be much tougher. 

Overall, Wolf will be very pleased with how the season went. A lot of work to do in pre-season no doubt! The average squad age is 26 at the moment, so this is one thing that Wolf will want to look into further, as well as depth. 

The team will need the support again like this year, where the stadium was pretty much filled each home game, so maybe extending the stadium could be a long-term idea!

I hope you enjoyed an insight into how things went here at St Pauli! Excited to get on with the next season, hopefully, we can stay up and cause some teams problems! 

A shoutout to the DPFM team for giving me a warm welcome, as I will be part of the blogging team with them!

Until next time!

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