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Generation Guimaraes – #6.2 – A New Face in the Fight


Welcome back to you all, we’re here once again for some action in Portugal as our title defence begins. As the title suggests however, a new team that you may not be used to seeing fancies themselves as a title contender.

Before we get into all that, last time out it is was pre-season where young first teamers were bought and some big players departed. The Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira was won once again, after a 1-0 victory over Sporting. If you missed it, check it out here.

In this edition, the first half of the season is covered with league & Champions League action, along with both domestic cups. As always in Portuguese football, the start of the season is more than busy! The youth intake preview will also make an appearance, with improvements made with the youth facilities and recruitment, I’m hoping this season brings some great prospects.

The Save Aims & Rules

With how I want this save to work, I need to be mindful of the squad season on season. As there is a lot of emphasis on the youth setup as these players will shape the first team in seasons to come. Here are the aims and rules to give some context of what I’m trying to pull off here.

Youth Intake Preview 2026/27

Okay, it looks more promising this season. Seems all the money is on three position which maybe puts more pressure on the players that come through in these areas. I only use attacking midfielders really in Europe against big teams (4-2-3-1 counter) but both the striker and centre back positions are definitely of interest.

Primeira Liga 2026/27

August – October 2026

My side start the season unbeaten and whilst they are still scoring a decent amount of goals, there seems to be a trend in drawing a game a month. You may not think this is a major thing but one thing I’ve learnt from this league, the first half has to be near enough perfect to position yourself top going into the new year.

Of course one result that stands out is the 4-0 away win vs. Sporting, in a rampant display where the boys found their goal scoring touch again. In terms of the draws, we really should be beating Maritimo (0-0) & Tondela (1-1). The draw with Porto (2-2) actually saw us go 2-1 down late on after two quick goals from our opponents, but a known game saver/winner in Samuele Mulattieri grabbed us a late point.

Well it’s not the mighty Vitori or Porto in first place, Famalicao join the party as they have an electric start to the season! They were bouncing around the top four at this stage last season before fading off but it’s great to see another team outside the big three get amongst it. Slow starts surprisingly from Sporting & Benfica means there is no need to worry about them for now.

November – December 2026

Despite the draw with Vizela (0-0) which was very drab to say the least, the form got very good going to the end of the year. Would you believe it, we 4-0’d Sporting once again! It’s funny y’know, I said in the last couple of blogs Sporting will be back to their usual selves…safe to say I was very wrong.

Considering the amount of young players I’m using up top and out wide this season, the form is very good when you consider that. Young striker Marcos Aurelio has been very impressive, benching Mulattieri in the process and winger Jordi Toril is really starting to settle in too.

It is very tight at the top now, one point separates first to third as we remain in the latter position. However, Porto’s losses leave the opportunity open for ourselves and Famalicao when our games in hand are played. This looks like it’s going to be one close fought title race this season!

Domestic Cups 2026/27

Liga de Taça

Ah the Liga de Taça, my side have won it three times in a row and I seriously fancy it every season. Our group is made up of opponents Pacos Ferreira & Vizela who are both Primeira Liga sides.

A couple of 2-0 wins against both opposition puts us in the driving seat as we finish top of the pile.

Now, the tournament might seem favourable again as Porto, Benfica & Famalicao all crash out! Our semi final opponents is in our favour as we have an unreal record against them over the seasons…

Taça de Portugal

This is a trophy I want to win again in Portugal, I’ve captured it once but fallen in the final a couple of times on penalties which is just brutal. Let’s check out the journey so far.

The draw has been very favourable as my side face three Liga 3 sides on route to the sixth round where my side will face another lower tier side in Estrela da Amadora SAD who played in Liga 2. Luck of the draw I know but you can only face what’s put in front of you.

In regards to the fixtures that have been played, it’s been a good time to rotate, get fitness up and also some players’ confidence back up if they have struggled in the league. If we get through the sixth round, it will definitely get tougher from there.

Champions League Group Stage 2026/27

Juventus, Real Sociedad & Olympiacos lie ahead of us and in the season six opener I had some confidence about our chances.

It’s quite safe to say that my side didn’t score a lot in this group, often 1 goal or in the two games that we did win against Olympiacos (2-1 & 1-0), it was very slender to say the least. I thought we’d get the better of Real Sociedad (1-1 in both games) but it’s clear I underestimated them.

Real Sociedad win the group and advance with Juventus behind them but our downfall was drawing three games. Winning one of them games would’ve made things very interesting but a frustrating campaign sends us to the Europa League once again.

It will be FC Kobenhavn in the first knockout round who we have faced in the past and beaten them twice, let’s get through this one before the potential of facing some difficult teams in the following rounds.

What’s Next?

It will be the season six finale as I look to retain the league title whilst also trying to progress within the Europa League. Of course our chances in the Portuguese domestic cups are favourable but right now, these aren’t a direct priority unless I find the team in the finals of course.

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Thank you as always for your time to read through the blogs, I appreciate the support every time. It shouldn’t be too long until I’m back with the season six finale but until then, take care out there.

DP-FM’s Scott

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