El Regreso Del Deportivo – S3 E2 – Maybe Summer Not So Bad?

Welcome back guys, as you join me for a mid season round up of season 3, in the last episode i wasn’t best pleased with the summer business that i managed to do, has this had a negative affect? Lets find out shall we?

Youth Intake

Lets start with the youth intake preview, and well hello there!! now this is looking promising, now i know this doesn’t guarantee it will actually be the level when they come through, but its something to look forward to, and we can hope.

Next lets check in on my one to watch and breakthrough player choices.

Breakthrough And One To Watch

Trilli – As you can see Trilli hasn’t played a great deal this season and this is because Jorge Vallin has been performing so well for us that it is difficult to drop him, however Trilli is having a solid season so far with a 6.93 average rating with good pass accuracy and tackles won, however disappointingly, his crossing is getting worse, which is not ideal for a WB on support.

Marco Brescianini – Well Marco has had a great season so far, and has really cemented himself as a key member of this team, i have been heavily rotating the middle 3 to keep them all happy, but Marco has been the standout for me, i have managed to keep Alaves at bay for the Jan window, but i fear that i may struggle in the summer.

Transfers In And Out

Lets start with the In

Chumi – Picked this gent up for free off Rayo Vallecano, yes free, he appeared on my scouting report and i made an enquiry as i wanted to gauge where Rayo where as i earmarked him for the summer and they said they wanted nothing, so i obviously got him in immediately, and he has started hitting the ground running and is forming a great partnership with Copete!

Only the one out

Rodrigo Farofa – Farofa has been moaning about leaving for a bit now and i haven’t played him because of this, luckily Santos made a 675k bid so we accepted, a transfer that didn’t work out but we mad great profit as we only got him for 3.3k, so result i think.

Copa Del Rey

We went out to Osasuna in a 0-1 defeat, but as you can see we were very much in the game throughout and some would argue (me) the better team, so disappointing to go out, but also very promising that we are very compettive against a La Liga team.

Second Division

Not bad right? only lost 3 games so far this season and overall playing very well and picking up some solid results, a few too many draws in there maybe, but overall im happy, with October being a very pleasing month for us. Right onto the table, i have teased you long enough.

League Table

3rd place!! and still very much in the title fight with our closest rivals behind us being Almeria, its worth noting the Barcelona B obviosuly cant be promoted so that is why us and Valladolid are highlighted in green. So considering how disappoinmted i was with the summer window, i am over the moon with the Jan window and how the season has gone so far.

Thanks guys for reading and i will see you in the next one! Can we get promoted?

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