El Regreso Del Deportivo – Introduction

Welcome to my first post for my FM22 save El Regreso Del Deportivo (The Return Of Deportivo) Deportivo are a team which i imagine a lot of you are familar with, a team that really rocked La Liga and European football for a few years in the 2000’s, winning their only La Liga title in 2000. La Coruna is a port city in the Northwest of Spain, and is well known for its Roman lighthouse. Now i like Roman history as much as the next person, but on to the football!!.

Estadio Municipal de Riazor

While doing some research for the post, i stumbled across this article written in 2018 about the Estadio Minicipal De Riazor – https://espanaestadios.com/2018/08/17/la-coruna-estadio-de-riazor/

Goals of the Save

I am a simple man, and currently with my saves, i don’t like putting too many constraints on my self. Perhaps in the future!

I have two very simple goals in mind for this save.

  1. To win the league again and Become a top team in Spain.
  2. Win the Champions League.

Nice and easy right. In my head i am guessing that we will win the league before the Champions League, so if that is the case, i will end the save after the Champions League has been won.

Above is the confirmation of our appointment and the clubs vision. So that is it for the intro blog, i can’t wait to get started with this save! i am resisting start until the game is out tomorrow, a side note is that i will be starting with season reviews, this is because i struggle for time to play and write with my job, so what to concentrate on working my way through the save. I will be trying to make the blogs as regualar as possible, but there could be gaps, so sorry for that. (Work always getting in the way)

Thanks for reading guys and i will see you in the next one!

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