Udinese Underdogs – S2 E1 – Wheeler Dealer

And here we go for season 2! After what i would consider a success last season, the target for this season has to be more of the same with half an eye on the European places. In this blog we will cover all things pre season and transfers.


As you can see i have been busy! My main aim for this window was to shift some of the older players out of the club and bring in some younger fresher faces! on the whole this was achieved, and i am pleased with the window as a whole, especially considering we only had an initial budget of £9.3m.

The two players shown above are my highlights from the window, starting with Pione Sisto, he really strengthens that left wing position for us. Javi Puado was interesting, before the first pre season game, the last piece of the puzzle for me was a striker, and i was really struggling to find the right guy. Step up my scouts with Javi!

I still have to clear out some of the older players from the squad but the team is looking a lot younger with more room to grow.


A slight change of approach going into this season, keeping the same shape, but i wanted to be more aggressive and play at a higher intensity.

There has also been some slight changes to player roles, in defence we are now playing with WBs and a BPD, in midfield we are now using a DLP and BBM on support and in the forward positions both wide players are both IF.

Cleary the media are not as confident as i am!!

Pre Season Fixtures

Another short pre season for us, something i need to improve for next FM, but a overall a solid pre season for us.

That’s the first blog for season 2 done, thank you for dropping by, in the next blog we will cover the first 4 months of the season.

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