Udinese Underdogs – S1 E5 – End Of The 1st Season

Welcome back guys to episode 5 and the final part of our 1st season in charge of Udinese. And what a season it has been, we had a fantastic start to the season then the wheels were beginning to come off. Are we stuck on the shoulder of the M40 or have we managed to nurse the bus to a garage in the last 3 months of the season?


Overall March was a poor month, Losses to Torino and Cagliari were disappointing, and the Cagliari game was on my birthday, and the boys present to me was a very poor performance…Brilliant!! The Spezia game, while it was win, it was a game that deserved to win but made it very difficult for ourselves.


April, i was much happier with overall. Verona game was disappointing, we was very poor in this game and was punished for it, made worse by the fact big Kev Lasagna was the man that punished us! Bloody Hell Kev!!! And i have found out he is on a 2 year loan with Verona!!! Benevento we should have won based on standings but at least we stopped the rot.


This is not the set of games you want to finish the season on when you are competing for European places. And we folded like a cheap chair! with the pinnacle of the fold at Atalanta! which was so bad that the players paid the fans back for the trip. A nice touch, but i think me and the fans would have preferred at least a decent performance.

Final Table And Next Season

So overall we finish the season in 9th, which i have to be happy with, all things considered. Looking forward to next season, these is going to be a very busy summer for the club. My main task is going to be reduce the average age of the squad and move on some of the older players on the higher wages. I will also be trying to fill in all spots in the team that are currently filled by loan players with our own players, i much prefer to work with players that i know will be here beyond the end of the season. We are also crying out for a striker! you will see why in the end of season review slides. This will be a tough task because our budget will only be around £9 mil!!!

End Of Season Review

So that is season 1 done!! Thank you so much to everyone that has read the blog, and i will see you next time, where we will cover the transfer window and pre season for Season 2!

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