Udinese Underdogs- S1 E4 – Back Down To Earth

Welcome guys to episode 4 of season 1 with Udinese. In this blog we will cover December, January and February. As i suspected in the last blog, we have come back down to earth a little now. Lets have a look shall we?


This was a rough month indeed, and very disappointing after the start to the season we had, definitely back down to earth with a bump!!

In the Sassulolo game, we were simple outplayed and beaten by a far superior side, with Berardi having a storming game.

The Verona game was perhaps the most frustrating and one of those classic FM games were we dominated throughout but conceded a pen late on, that was never a pen! I did curse the virtual ref yes.

I simply asked the lads in the Benevento game to steady themselves after two losses and simply play better, and they did, but couldn’t find a winner. Better than 3 losses on the bounce though.

Parma and Lazio were routine win and routine loss, nothing much to say about these game if i am honest.


Now this looks a little better right? probably should have beaten Genoa, who i think have the oldest squad ever! Kevin Strootman and Goran Pandev played!! but very good draws against Milan and Juve.

A very pleasing win against Atalanta, who are having a terrible season, as you will see when we look at the table later.

Napoli was a tight game, which we remained competitive in, but the quality shone through for them. And another routine win to finish the month off against Bologna.


Another solid but really uninspiring month as you can see, one goal scored, one goal conceded…Pretty boring to be honest.

So overall we have balanced out our form into a steady flow, and on the whole beating teams we should be and losing to those we should, but we are much more compettive against the bigger teams than i expected at the start of the season.

We sit in a very respectable 6th

Finances and the board

Finances still look good and the board love me still, nothing to see here, lets move on lol.

Well that’s another blog down! Lets hope we can slightly improve our form going into the final stages of the season, and there maybe an outside shout at Europe in our first season, we have played a few of the big boys twice already so fingers crossed!! i am really enjoying this save so far and i hope you guys are too!

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