Udinese Underdogs – S1 E3 – Am I a Genius?

Welcome back to episode 3 of season 1 with Udinese,. In this blog we will be looking at the first 3 months of the season. I am not gonna lie to you, i am very pleased with things so far.


A great start to the season for us, unbeaten and no goals conceded. The Bologna was overall very tough but we battled through and came out on top.

The Fiorentina game was a much easier affair, where we was on top for most of the game. I fear for Fiorentina as they were very poor.


Well what a month October was!! Still unbeaten (Don’t look at the Coppa Italia)

Crotone was again tight affair after some bad mouthing from the Crotone manager in the press, he don’t wanna come at me!

A really hard thought draw against Roma, followed by a another routine win against a very good Sampdoria.

Now the black mark on our record, SPAL. I fully rotated the team for this game but they should still have dealt with SPAL. But i alas it was a smash and grab from them and we crashed out early doors.

Ahhh the Inter game! We basically did what SPAL did to us to Inter, they were the better team overall but the old man Llorente himself grabbed us the winner in the 64th minute and we left the San Siro with 3 points and still unbeaten!!


When i looked at the fixtures i did think that we would have a half decent month in November. Did not expect the 4 goals against Torino however, i think they played in a way that suited our system and the goals flowed, the rest of the month was as you were really.

So there we go! first 3 months of the season down, top of the league, unbeaten and perhaps what i am proud of as a defender in real life is the only 4 goals conceded. They say defences win you titles 😉

I am however fully prepared that this tactic will be found out at some point and some adjustments will need to be made, so expect a rough patch at some point, but we have given ourselves the best possible start and i am buzzing…And so are the board


Not much to say here other than the 1 signing made for Jan, which was part of me trying to hit the sign players from the lower levels objective.

To be fair, he ain’t bad for 23, has potential but also could be a very good back up if he does not hit that potential.

That is Episode 3 wrapped and always thanks for reading and all feedback is welcome! Hopefully we can keep this form for a bit longer to give us the best possible platform to build on!

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