Udinese Underdogs – S1 E2 – Very quiet maybe too quiet.

Welcome part to part 2 of our save with Udinese, today will probably be quite a short one as we go over pre season. Well this is because nothing happened really lol, was a real struggle to find any players that i felt would benefit us and the squad, but lets dive in.

The Tactics

This the tactic that i have settled on for the time being, it is still a work in process and will develop over the course of the season. But i did see some promising stuff in pre season…also some not so good stuff, i am confident with some personnel improvements and some minor tweaks it could be a decent tactic.

Pre Season

As you can see a real mixed bag in pre season. Was disappointed with the QPR result but should take into account it was first game with the new tactic.

Didn’t expect anything from the Leicester game but was not happy with the scoreline, Vardy was just silly good.

I was pleased with the Hannover game. This is where we just played some lovely football, but should really be beating a side like Hannover on the other hand.

Mainz was a weird game. Felt we was the better side throughout but the classic single goal on the break un did us.

Vicenza was to be expected. We should be beating a side in Serie B comfortably, but always nice to get a big win just before the start of the season for confidence reasons.


Very limited transfer business in as you can see. Happy to bring Manu Garcia in as a back up to De Paul. Leris isn’t done but i am confident it will be. He is a player i know i can trust (Have had him on previous saves) with a limited transfer budget of £7m and the wage budget situation as stated in the previous blog have really held me back.

The bad news of the window is we have lost one of our bright talents to Man City. A offered a contract to him straight away but so did Man City, so we was fighting a losing battle. A pathetic £625k compensation later and he was gone…I hope it goes horribly wrong for him there (Not bitter at all)

Well that is it for today, thank you very much for stopping by and all feedback is welcome. The next blog will cover Sept/Oct/Nov. See you then!

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