Udinese Underdogs – S1 E1 – The Italian Job

Well here we go welcome to my first ever blog! and i have chosen to start with Udinese in Serie A…Why Udinese i hear you ask? well i wanted to do a fairly short term save because we are nearing the end of FM21′ s life cycle. But also wanted to manage a team that has never won their respective league. Well lets dive in shall we!

We take over Udinese during a strange period, they have been very poor in the last few season finding themselves in and around the lower reaches of Serie A and haven’t won anything for 40 years!! I am actually pretty happy with the club vision, i normally prefer to sign players 23 and under anyway and the sign players from lower levels is a new one for me but i am looking forward to it.

The Squad

The squad seems ok, maybe a little bit of a mixed bag but certainly something i think i can work with this season. But there are some people that will be moved on, just because of the sheer size of the squad. The standout player as you can see is Rodrigo De Paul, who at 26, i will be looking to build around his strengths if we can keep hold of him! Also special shout out to Kevin Lasagna! I mean what a bloody name! and he doesn’t look half bad either.

As you can see above, the finances are looking pretty good and the club is in good position for us to take them forward. The wage spend will need a look at, but i am confident that can be sorted just with the amount of players that i need to move on.


Overall pleasantly surprised by the youth system at Udinese. A couple of players that are will be ready to step up next season or possibly the back end of this! The stand out is Mamadou Coulibaly. That work rate is something that everyone loves to see and something that can be key to my tactics. I haven’t checked but will look to recall him if i can, as i believe he can be used now.

Well that is it for my first ever blog. Thank you very much for stopping by and all feedback is welcome. On the next blog we will talk through the tactic that i will create as well as pre season. See you all next time!

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