The Far East Express: The Preview

This is the final call for The Far East Express! This is a new collaborative effort between DP-FM, FirstEmperorLee & OffTheBarFM where we look to start in the low depths of Asia in an attempt to rise to prominence and capture the AFC Champions League.

The idea behind the save came about after conversations with both of the other content creators involved which then turned into a video call where we discussed and decided what direction we all wanted to take. The decision was an Asia save (including Australia) to take everyone out of their comfort zones as such with us all being very comfortable with European saves.

The save will be rotated season by season on a rolling basis, the order of play is below this with each player showcasing their seasons through their chosen format (blog, stream, youtube).


So when it comes to these types of saves, there must be some rules in place to keep the save flowing and exciting, a few bits below will be followed when we all take our turns.

  1. A trophy must be won at the current club before moving on to a new club or league.
  2. To keep the next player guessing, no direct updates regarding results or moves can be given outside of each players chosen way of broadcast.
  3. When you take over on your turn, you can do whatever you want with the squad. Buy/sell who you want, change the tactics, the staff…treat it like your personal save!

3 simple rules as we don’t want to over complicate things and the main thing about this is to allow all 4 players to enjoy their seasons.

The Manager

With the Manager, it was only right to have someone who is a great deal to Asian football and effectively is a stone wall legend in that part of the world. After some research from the boys, it was agreed that late 70s/80s footballer and later manager Cha Bum-Kun would lead our save.

Cha Bum-Kun also known as ‘Cha Boom’ due to his powerful striking ability, was best known for his time in the German Bundesliga playing for Eintracht Frankfurt (1979-83) & Bayer Leverkusen (1983-89). Playing as a forward, Cha Boom scored 118 goals in 368 appearances during his time in Germany and even received plaudits from Sir Alex Ferguson after defeating Fergie’s Aberdeen side in the 1979/80 UEFA Cup, who claimed “We could not stop him, he was unstoppable”.

Cha Boom has also played his hand in management with Uslan Hyundai (South Korea 1991-94), South Korea National Team (1997-98), Shenzen FC (China 1998-99) & Suwon Samsung Bluewings (South Korea 2004-2010). However, he has been out of the game since resigning from Suwon in 2010. At Suwon he brought home 7 trophies including two league titles with rest coming across cups but now Cha Boom wants more.

Despite being 67 years old, Cha Bum-Kun wants to become a serial winner and will start in the depths of Asia to solidify his legendary status.

The Club – Tiga Naga FC

Cha Boom’s comeback will start in Liga 2 (2nd tier) of the Indonesian Leagues – the lowest ranked playable Asian league on the game. Due to 11 years without managing, it is like starting over again as Cha Boom’s stats suggest.

Coaching badges are to be built back up – don’t skip your CPD events kids, meanwhile no-one can deny his experience as a player.

There was a sense of intrigue when the appointment was made, Tiga Naga are labelled for relegation and with Cha Bum-Kun’s past endeavours, there are questions over his ability to steer the club away from the dreaded drop zone.

The club’s facilities are not good at all for this semi-pro club, with the team only training twice a week also, Cha Boom will need to have his work cut out to have any success this season.

Tiga Naga are a very new club forming in 2015 and are yet to taste any silverware, if Cha Boom wants to progress his management revival, he will have to be the man to deliver that first trophy for this club.

Due to being so new to the game, there’s not much to say about the club but that’s why Cha Bum-Kun is here, to kick off a legacy of his own at this club.

One positive about the club is there is no debt at the club with a solid £22k in the bank and to be fair the wage and transfer budget isn’t bad at all for a semi professional club, with £1k available in the wage budget.

Staffing teams are very small and need work, Cha Boom will have to find whatever staff he can get to allow some foundations to be put in place to get the team firing when the season comes around.

What’s Next?

Up next will see Cha Boom dive into pre-season and the first half of the Liga 2 season as well. More insights to the league and its rules will be provided, the squad that starts the save, any signings, tactics, staff and the results will all be included as we dive into the unknown that is Indonesian domestic football!

Make sure you check out the other content creators involved on their twitch and youtube channels, great content on there from both and you will need to follow these for when the save is in their control!

FirstEmperorLee – Twitch: – Youtube:

OffTheBarFM – Twitch: – Youtube:

This is going to be some ride my friends, I’m really looking forward to taking the reins and getting stuck into season 1! The first update will be out in the coming week, catch you all soon.

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