Bolton Back to Europa – S1E1

Bolton, Bolton, Bolton…not so long ago they were an interesting team in the Premier League, always had this ability to beat top teams however, struggle to beat those around them. A golden era under Big Sam of all people who guided them into the then UEFA cup for the 2007/08 season, his departure that season changed things however, with Bolton dodging the relegation fate until May 2012.

Fast forward to the present, things have gone horribly wrong for this club and not in the way any of us like to see. Continuous financial issues has sealed the relegation all the way down to League 2, it’s safe to say gone are the days of players like the great Jay-Jay Okocha and cult heroes like Kevin Nolan, Kevin Davies and so on.

So this gave me the idea, their peak as a club was their UEFA cup run holding their own against Bayern Munich, becoming the first English team to beat Red Star Belgrade in Belgrade and even sending Atletico Madrid packing on aggregate. This cup now lives on as the Europa League and my battle will be to lead them from League 2 back to that very stage! All I want is a Europa league run but before we can dream, there are 3 very tough leagues to battle through to even be in with a chance of such heights.

So lets get into it and see what we’re working with in terms of the club itself..

A stadium capacity of 28,018, finances aren’t great to start with £0 in the transfer budget and just under £2k spare in the transfer budget. Overall the clubs finances aren’t far from the red either just to add to the fun. The board want the club’s finances to be improved but only competition money from the league or any decent run in the FA cup would help but we did get a very good senior affiliate in terms of youth/loan prospects.

We get involved with Arsenal, brings in the club some money (every little helps…I think) on a yearly basis plus will hopefully bring us some decent youngsters on loan to help get us out of League 2 at the first attempt. Finally the clubs facilities look to be very good for the level we’re playing at currently.

All seater stadium in good condition, impressive training facilities and a category/level 3 academy which from my own experience as an Academy Scout is good for a League 2 club.

Now we have the background, our aim and the club info all that’s left to do is getting started and get on our way during preseason with some additions in bag by the time the competitive season starts. Any thoughts from viewers are always appreciated at DP FM and I’ll see you again with episode 2 soon!

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